Demonstration of Limber Features

Every first or second Thursday of the month, participate in our live demonstration of Limber features for implementing your Social Selling, Content Marketing and Employee Advocacy projects. Completely free, online and interactive, this demonstration is also an opportunity for us to answer any questions you may have.

Who is this demonstration for?

Are you a:

  • Digital Agency
  • Marketing Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Digital Manager
  • Community Manager

Are you looking for an agile and comprehensive solution? Are you looking for the means to implement a strategy to improve your visibility on social networks and gain access to real- time analytical data?

Limber is a collaborative platform allowing you to optimize the centralization of your content and its distribution on social networks. You group all your content, whether corporate or curated, via RSS feeds. Thanks to Limber, you can share them in a coordinated, organized and optimized  way across all the social channels at your disposal.

Limber enables the implementation of Employee Advocacy, Social Selling and Content Marketing projects. 

During this one-hour Webinar, you will discover the following features:

  • content centralization (PDF, videos, computer graphics, blog articles.)
  • the implementation of RSS feeds
  • the curating functions and automated monitoring for market insights
  • integrated content creation and image editing
  • the editorial calendar
  • the daily activity summary

But also:

  • the delegation of corporate accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)
  • the different possibilities of moderation associated with the delegation of accounts
  • thematic content walls
  • automated newsletters
  • CTAs or Call-to-Action, to generate traffic and/or qualified leads through contact forms
  • validation workflow


  • the leaderboard, for performance monitoring and gamification
  • aggregated statistics to evaluate the ROI of your Social Selling or Employee Advocacy programs
  • engagement statistics (shares and likes) to refine your content marketing strategy

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Every month, we offer a free 1-hour webinar accessible to all. Each webinar focuses on a different theme to show you all the possibilities that Limber has to offer.

Would you like a personalized demonstration or a 30-minute consultation to tell us about your project? Book a demo.

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