Diversify, balance and extend the lifetime of your content

Let’s be real, we live in an information indundated world. We are constantly scrolling through our various newsfeeds, and the content that is competing for our attention and our clicks. As marketers and more specifically content marketers we ask ourselves, how can we create content that gets the attention and the clicks that we want? That is the first task. Once you have created a piece of original content now it is time to manage the transmission, diversify, and try to extend it’s lifetime. 

The average lifepsan of a tweet is between 10-18 minutes, and most interaction and retweets happens within the first 7 minutes.

With that being said, it is crucial to repost and repurpose your content to get as much mileage out of it as possible…

In order to gain visibility it is essential to republish content as well as cross channel promote, this is where Limber comes into play. With Limber you have the ability to not only schedule posts but to create ‘scenarios’ where you can select your social media channels you wish to disseminate your content on, the frequency, and specific time etc. to be saved for repeated application. It is basically a post formula you can reuse.

blog promo


For example: you create a ‘blog promotion’ scenario that you use every time you publish a new blog article. This will implement the scenario you tailored to best publicize this specific type of content. You can modify, update, and delete your scenarios within the Limber platform. You should use a number of tactics to apply to the scenario formation, such as time intervals to post for maximum engagement ie: 12pm Twitter post!

It is also necessary to diversify your content. This can mean repurposing your content into different forms to be shared effectively on as many channels as possible. No one wants to be boring right!?

For instance creating an infographic from blog post to be shared on Twitter where images are more likely to generate clicks. Or converting a information blog piece into a Slideshare to publish for your Linkedin audience.

Repurposing is effective because it allows you diffuse your content in different modes on the appropriate channels.

This increases the reach while still providing value for your customers, readers, and followers. Reiterating what you have already experienced success with is a great way to maintain visibility. If you have had a successful scenario or campaign you can reintroduce the same information in reimagined ways. This also exemplifies brand continuity.

Your original content does not have to get lost in space with just one post, thus imperative to remember the value of the repost. Extend the longevity of your content with Limber in just a few clicks and create lasting potential and ROI for your brand.

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Alanah Campagnuolo

Interested in content marketing and the future of social media. Passionate about writing and content curation.

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