Employee Advocacy Webinar: Increase Brand Visibility & Boost Employee Engagement with Limber

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Are you producing content and looking for ways to increase its reach? Do you want to turn your employees and partners into your very best ambassadors?

Every first or second Thursday of the month, participate in one of our webinars. They will help you to implement your Social Selling, Content Marketing and Employee Advocacy projects. The webinar is entirely free, online and interactive. During this time we answer any questions that you might have.

In less than 1 hour, we will look at how you can increase the visibility and reach of your content and how to use and/or optimize the Employee Advocacy approach.

On the program of the workshop you will find:

  • How to accelerate the creation, approval and publication of your content
  • How you can mobilize your teams in practical terms to relay your communication,
  • Aggregated statistics to evaluate the ROI of your Social Selling or Employee Advocacy programs, and
  • All the features that will allow you to save time in your marketing campaigns.
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Alexander Schwertner

Passionate about the digital transformation that we are currently undergoing, I am interested in marketing - content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, SEM etc. as well as in B2B, social selling and business development strategies. Convinced by Limber’s content centric approach I am happy to support the team in its marketing and international business development.

Every month, we offer a free 1-hour webinar accessible to all. Each webinar focuses on a different theme to show you all the possibilities that Limber has to offer.

Would you like a personalized demonstration or a 30-minute consultation to tell us about your project? Book a demo.

2 comments on “Employee Advocacy Webinar: Increase Brand Visibility & Boost Employee Engagement with Limber

  1. Julia 06/21/2021 17:00

    Hi – I’ve registered for this webinar but will not be able to attend due to a meeting clash.
    Will you be sharing a recording afterwards? Thanks in advance!

    • Alexander Schwertner 06/23/2021 07:59

      Hi Julia,
      Thank you for letting us know that you will unfortunately not be able to attend. And yes, there is going to be a recording that you can watch in replay afterwards. No worries. Just let us know if we can do anything else for you.
      Best regards,

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