Follow the performance of your Limber campaigns in Google Analytics!

As we have mentioned on this blog two years ago, you can track your content marketing actions and your social marketing activity through the use of the famous”UTM” settings in Google Analytics.

The principle is quite simple: “tag” the URLs of the links you share, for example on social networks, and track the number of clicks they generate in the tracking interface of Google Analytics campaigns.

To facilitate the implementation of this practice, we just added an AutoText functionality of these UTM parameters in links shared on Limber.

With Limber, UTM automatically inserts your Google Analytics parameters to monitor the performance of your campaigns and Social Content Marketing

What are the UTM parameters added by Limber:

  • utm_medium: Limber
    It is the identification of the original media traffic, in this case here it’s Limber
  • utm_source: type name Account Name-channel
    Limber automatically inserts the used channel type – eg Twitter – then the account name used separated by a hyphen. For example “Twitter-Limber_io” when the sharing was done with the Twitter account through Limber_io.
  • utm_campaign: Name of Limber campaign
  • utm_term: The keywords in your campaign
  • utm_content: The title of the shared content (blog article etc.)

How to enable UTM Google Analytics tracking functionality in Limber?

The Google Analytics tracking functionality is available for all paid Limber subscriptions  (Personal, Professional and Enterprise). If you want to discover this feature, feel free to request a free monthly test;)

By default Google Analytics tracking feature is not activated. To activate it, simply go to the Profile page, then go to the “Tracking Google Analytics” section and activate the cursor.

A replacement option for existing UTM parameters will be offered. If enabled, this feature will replace the settings that are possibly already present in the content of the initial URL. It happens that RSS feeds are already tagged in this way by the content publisher.


How to see the performance of Limber campaigns in Google Analytics?

Warning ! You can only monitor the performance of Limber campaigns on sites where you already have Google Analytics access. This feature is interesting because it allows you to track the performance statistics of your articles and videos hosted on your web infrastructure that are equipped beforehand with your GA account.

Log in to Google Analytics then go to “Acquisition> Campaigns> All campaigns”.

You will be able to see the performance of your campaigns and / or browse through other dimensions (source, medium)


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