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It was already possible to perform actions (like, comments…) to LinkedIn page publications from the content walls with Limber… It is now possible to perform these same actions directly from email notifications!

Why to perform a Like on LinkedIn?

It’s no secret that LinkedIn’s algorithm is based on the engagement generated by a new publication. And to boost this engagement, the platform offers various actions such as: likes, shares and comments.

Like is the easiest interaction on LinkedIn

A like is within everyone’s grasp and can be done with a single click! Everyone feels quite comfortable doing this “like” action because the involvement is minimal.

By generating a like, you are indicating to your contact that you are aware of the news, that you agree with what is shared in their post, that you like the content that they have posted.

Boosting the post’ algorithm

Likes also allow the native publication to get a higher score in the LinkedIn algorithm and therefore more visibility for that post. Thus, by generating likes, you also contribute to the reputation of the person who published.

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Why should you write a comment on LinkedIn?

A comment has an even more powerful algorithm score than a like with its snowball effect.

Here’s how it works: the author of the native publication receives your comment as a notification, all the people who commented beforehand are also notified by your comment and all the people who reacted receive your comment as well. So your profile has the opportunity to be seen by many people.

Quote people to increase the impact of your comment!

If, when writing your comment, you think that one or more of your contacts is likely to be interested in this subject (or simply to question them on your comment), then do not hesitate to mention them with the tag (@).

How to increase post visibility by one click with Employee Advocacy?

On the Limber Advocacy Platform, specific LinkedIn and Twitter actions are at everyone’s disposal in a banner located directly on the content created from a LinkedIn or Twitter business page post.

Thus, it is possible to generate actions such as “Like”, Retweet or comments on the publication without leaving the interface.

linkedin actions

Generate LinkedIn actions with Limber from email notifications

When a Wall of Content proposes a LinkedIn corporate publication, the user can be automatically notified by email of this available content and can directly generate LinkedIn actions from this notification received by email.

The user can thus boost the visibility of a post created by his company without leaving his email interface.

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Limber was designed to deploy your Content Marketing, Social Selling and Employee Advocacy strategies with ease. The platform allows you to centralise content and share it on various channels such as newsletter, blog and social networks.

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