The 1st official version of Limber now available!

After 9 months of incubation since we first released our Bêta version, we’re happy to announce the general availability of Limber, our innovative Content and Social Marketing platform!

Content marketing at the heart of your social media presence

Limber was designed and developed to deliver the put your content at the center of your digital marketing, community management, traffic management and lead generation strategies. For this first version, we particularly worked to improve the “content management” side of the platform.

Adding content has been made easier. No need to import your content one by one in order to broadcast them on your social networks, the content is now automatically visible in Limber as soon as it is published. Referencing a new content source is even simpler: you just enter the name of your YouTube channel or the address of your blog and Limber will make sure to find and syndicate the right RSS feed.

A new design very content player

The new content reader allows you to filter your content by source, keyword or campaign and then browse your content selection quickly both within  the reader or directly in the original page.

For followers of content curation, Limber can of course be used as a powerful media monitoring tool, you can identify in one click the articles matching your keywords and campaigns and share them on your social networks with less effort.

Enhanced semantic engine

TheLimber semantic engine which allows to index your content and extract the “true substance” to compose your social sharing, also underwent major changes to enhance its capabilities.

Your multi-channel social Wall

Finally the “Shares” view  which aggregates all your shares regardless of the social channel is now sortable and filterable in all directions so you can identify at a glance what will be published on your different channels and track statistics of your shares already issued.

Prices and editions

Version 1 of Limber is free within the limit of five input channels (RSS, Youtube … accounts), 5 outbound channels (Linkedin accounts , Facebook pages …), 5 keywords and 30 planned shares. Subscriptions are available from € 30 HT / month for heavy use of the platform. They also give access additional functionality as your historical statistics.

We would like to give a special thanks to all the beta testers that helped us to finalize our concepts and improve the robustness of Limber with their always valuable feedback.

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Passionate about webmarketing since 1998, I have been in charge of Communication and Digital Marketing at Lyonnaise-des-Eaux, Steria and Bonitasoft before co-founding Limber and becoming its CEO

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