Ambassadors & Social Selling

The content you produce is not only just meant for your business communication channels, but should be shared on as many channels as possible. To do this you can utilize your internal resources to maximize amplification: your employees often have several hundred contacts in their personal social networks. They are your best ambassadors!

The Limber platform offers you the ability to syndicate your content on the social accounts of your best spokespeople: managers, sales team, ambassadors … Through a secure delegation of their channels, your employees can become your best relay. In addition to a dedicated platform, they have the ability to view scheduled shares on their own channels.

You have real-time statistics on the performance of your content, that you can organize by channel, group of collaborators, or individual…

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  • Centralizes content from many sources
  • Content curation
  • Content sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer …
  • Delegate and use secure channels between managers, employees, ambassadors and community managers
  • Measure performance by content, by channel, by collaborator …
  • Weekly reports via email
  • Tracking of all disseminated actions

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