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all of your content and monitoring in one place.



to share your content on all social networks, in one click.



your audience through your collaborators.



the R.O.I of your content and your employer brand.

Employee Advocacy

Turn your employees into true brand ambassadors!

The Limber platform allows you to implement your Employee Advocacy project by centralizing access to corporate content and encouraging your employees and partners to distribute quality, up-to-date and validated content on their social networks.

Discover our Employee Advocacy solution

Employee Advocacy - Limber
Employee Advocacy - Limber

Social Selling

With Limber, marketing teams can provide managers and salespeople the means to ensure a regular presence on social networks and to generate new opportunities.

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Social Selling - Limber

Content Marketing

Limber integrates automation features to speed up content publishing, optimize its use and eliminate time-consuming tasks to keep things moving at a fast pace! Whether you’re solo or in a team.

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Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Limber, who is it for?

Limber is aimed at many different business profiles. Discover how our platform can be useful for you, but also how it could be of interest to all of the people you collaborate with!



Automate the publishing of your content!

Eliminate the time-consuming daily tasks of publishing content on social networks and measure performance at a glance. All of this with easy connection between your marketing tools (social networks, CRM, Marketing Automation...)!


Generate leads through social networks!

Optimize the presence of your sales representatives on LinkedIn and thanks to Call-To-Action, generate new leads that can feed into your CRM and Marketing Automation tools (Marketo, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Webmecanik...).



Promote your employer brand!

Limber allows you to involve your employees in the recruitment of the best talent, while also engaging them in a good-natured approach to improve their daily commitment.


Increase your turnover!

Integrate Limber into the strategies you propose to your customers. Then, take charge of the deployment and develop a complementary service offer: content creation, animation of an Employee Advocacy project, integration...


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