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A French consulting company in the field of sustainable development, GreenFlex supports companies and territories in their energetic, environmental and societal transformation.

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GreenFlex experts advise businesses and organizations of all sizes to:

Their goal ? 🚀
Allow these organizations to change course by building with them an economy that creates and preserves more than it destroys.

Moïra Koffi, Digital Marketing and Social Media Project Manager at GreenFlex uses Limber on a daily basis and shares her feedback on the deployment of a BtoB influence program thanks to Employee Advocacy.

Greenflex and Limber
Moïra Koffi (GreenFlex) and Bertrand Barbet (Limber) at the BtoB Summit 2022 show

What problem did GreenFlex faced before adopting Limber?

As a relatively young company but with a strong expertise to be promoted to a wide audience, GreenFlex wanted to develop its notoriety but also to use social networks as a lever for creating new business opportunities.

Through the implementation of an Employee Advocacy program, GreenFlex particularly wanted to engage all stakeholders: not only managers but above all consultants, engineers and salespeople in order to reach all of its target interlocutors wich are CSR Managers, Marketing Directors, Administrative and Financial Directors, Buyers and Industrial Directors.

“We often think of managers for corporate communication, but we rarely think of all of our employees.”

Moïra Koffi – GreenFlex at the BtoB Summit 2022 show

After a study of a panel of technical and organizational solutions, GreenFlex naturally turned to Limber, with the aim of implementing this collective approach of influence and innovative business development.

Why choosing Limber?

Among Limber’s features, five particularly appealed to GreenFlex and this is what made the difference in choosing the solution that best meets their needs:

Schedule Posts

“To be able to schedule our publications via the company’s corporate pages and via the personal accounts by our ambassadors.”

Content Curation & Market Insights

“Being able to select the media that interest me, to only receive articles that contain specifics keywords and what will inspire me for my next publications.”

Employee Advocacy

“Our employees have a qualitative audience related to their current or past activity. Like an influencer, they have a significant engagement rate.”

Automated Sharing

“The higher the number of users, the more difficult it is to organize so that everyone manages to distribute content through their channels. Automation is a huge time saver.”


“The possibility of following all the previous points in the form of statistics. Besides, the ambassadors appreciate it a lot and want to know their results!”

Personalized Support

“Having a platform is great, but if you don’t know how to use it, it becomes limited. I’m lucky to work with Limber since 2018 and to have daily support.”

What results has GreenFlex achieved since 2018?

With 58 ambassadors on board in this Employee Advocacy program, GreenFlex has succeeded in implementing an Employee Advocacy strategy where everyone wins:

The company has been able to enhance the expertise of its employees by distributing personalized content and has also encouraged commitment to this approach by regularly exchanging with them.

Results Greenflex Limber
Moïra Koffi Greenflex

“We would not have had these results without this Employee Advocacy program with Limber. We would certainly have had visibility like any communication strategy via social networks, but Limber helped us increase the visibility of our content.”

Moïra Koffi,
Digital marketing and social media project manager

💡 Moïra’s tips for implementing this Employee Advocacy program

“You must first involve employees who are already active on social networks rather than convincing employees who are inactive and who do not know LinkedIn because otherwise it is a little more complicated and it takes more time.”

👉 “Think about quality over quantity.”

Limber was designed to deploy your Content Marketing, Social Selling and Employee Advocacy strategies with ease. The platform allows you to centralize content and share it on multiple channels such as newsletter, blog and social networks.

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