Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an essential factor in increasing visibility and can be a real business generator for your company.

1 in 2 buyers admit to being influenced in the act of purchasing by content published on social networks.*

*(La Poste Solutions Business-Intuiti)

Content Marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for B2B companies. It is based on the production and distribution of quality, informative content such as articles, computer graphics, white papers, videos or webinars.

When used properly, your content can attract a new audience, identify them as prospects, convert them and accompany them in their purchasing decision.

Develop your Content Marketing with Limber

Limber integrates collaborative and automation features to streamline the publication of content, optimize its use, and increase its visibility while eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

Coordinate and time your publications thanks to a collabo

Accelerate creation, validation and publication

Make content more profitable by extending its lifespan

Automate the most time-consuming tasks

Optimize collaborative Content Management

Make your validation circuits more fluid with workflows



of the purchasing process is completed before a first exchange with a sales representative.



of B2B buyers share White Papers with their colleagues.

Article • Generate Traffic with Content Marketing

How can you generate more traffic on your website thanks to content marketing? How can you leverage your presence on social networks to generate business?

Webinar • Demonstration of Limber Features

Every first or second Thursday of the month, participate in our live demonstration of Limber features for implementing your Content Marketing project!

Content Marketing • Read all our Articles

Further your understanding of Content Marketing through a set of articles written especially by our Limber experts.

Key Features of Content Marketing

Content Management and Curation

Centralized and accessible content, regardless of format

Gather all your content on a single platform, index it automatically and find it easily thanks to the content walls (articles, videos, images, computer graphics, PDF...).

Publications Calendar

Time and coordinate the distribution of your content with scenarios

Plan and publish all your content across all your networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter...) and channels, according to a collaborative editorial calendar.

Automated Newsletters

Self-generated Newsletters that are always on time!

Define the timing of your newsletter and connect the feeds. Limber notifies you when it's ready to go so you can make your final changes.

Calls-to-Action and Forms

Transform your content into lead generators

Insert Calls-to-Action on your shares to generate leads on social networks. Display buttons, banners and forms and connect them to your Marketing Automation tools (HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce).

Analysis and ROI

Precise statistics to optimize your strategy

Follow the Return on Investment of your content with detailed statistics. Consult the different leaderboards to determine the best strategy and be able to adapt your campaigns to generate more leads.

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