Parent Companies & Subsidiaries

You generate content and want it to be available and used by various teams (marketing, communication, sales) or subsidiaries, franchise networks … How do you ensure that each new piece of content is visible and usable for all, including your subsidiaries? How do you measure its global performance? How do you make sure your teams use the latest version?

The Limber platform offers the possibility to provide your affiliates with all of your content and to broadcast it on their own channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress blogs…). The platform then offers analysis of the overall performance of your posts by providing statistics segmented by channel, subsidiary, team or content.

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  • Centralization and provision of content between multiple subsidiaries
  • Possibility for affiliates to share content
  • Ability to share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer …
  • Delegate and use secure channels between multiple entities and/or individuals
  • Measure performance by content, channel, team, subsidiary …
  • Weekly reporting via email
  • Tracking for all disseminated actions

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