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As a leader in their sector, ORSYS Formation assists companies and organisations in improving their performance and succeeding in their digital, managerial, commercial and organizational transformations thanks to a multi-specialist approach based on 8 criteria:

  • A rich offer
  • Expert trainers
  • A concept focused on operations
  • A customer-oriented quality approach
  • Dedicated consultants who listen
  • Free resources
  • Centres close to you
  • Qualifications
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Marion Ollivier, Social Media Communications Manager at ORSYS Formation, uses Limber on a daily basis and shares with us her experience of developing organic visibility thanks to employees with an Employee Advocacy programme.

What were the goals in choosing Limber?

With the arrival of Alexandra Deleau, Marketing Director at ORSYS Formation, a new vision of the marketing and communication strategy was defined. This is based on different pillars:

1. Boosting ORSYS Formation’s brand image

Present for more than 40 years, ORSYS Formation was looking to boost its brand image for different aspects:

👉 Attract and retain customers,
👉 Increase visibility and brand awareness,
👉 Differentiate from the competition,
👉 Strengthen recognition and trust in the company,
👉 And stimulate sales growth.

2. Improve the visibility of training courses

In order to increase the visibility of their training courses, ORSYS Formation wanted to involve employees in promoting the courses via their personal social networks. This would on the one hand reinforce the credibility of the communication, increase the organic reach of the shared posts, and on the other hand, generate quality traffic to the website and the training courses.

3. Attract and retain talent

There was a real employer brand challenge in defining this new strategy. ORSYS Formation wanted to show its corporate culture and its commitment to employee development.

This strengthening of the employer brand would also respond to the desire to create a sense of belonging among current talent, but also to the desire to increase the company’s visibility among potential talent.

Since Advocacy Marketing responds to these 3 pillars, ORSYS Formation then chose Limber to support it in this new marketing and communication strategy.

Why choosing Limber?

A complete tool in a single platform: this is what attracted ORSYS Formation. Five key features made the difference when considering several tools:

🔍 Content Curation and Market Insights

“Being able to connect different media and filter by the keywords that match us and then share fresh content.”

🗓️ Post scheduling

“Schedule all company publications but also those of employees who have delegated their social accounts.”

📢 Amplification scenarios

“Being able to storyline my collaborators’ actions (likes, reposts, comments) as soon as I publish content on the company’s social account to keep the content alive over time.”

🔡 Thematic content walls

“Classify content curation by topic so that employees can search for and share content of their choice.”

📈 Centralized reporting

“To have a global vision of the results generated by the actions put in place, such as the performance of the content, the shares, and also measure the commitment of the employees.”

⭐ … And a personalized support!

“The tool is not everything, support is essential in the deployment. It requires not only a team within the organisation to drive the programme internally, but also to be supported by the Limber team to help us with the use of the platform, best practices and analysis of the platform’s performance.”

Which ambassador profiles?

Before implementing the project, ORSYS Formation reviewed the number and type of employees to be included in the programme.

Starting from a certain desire to mobilise the various departments in order to meet different challenges: sales, human resources, marketing, etc. ORSYS Formation has therefore opted for a mix of Advocate and Ambassadors licences.

All employees can thus share content dedicated to their business and expertise in addition to content related to the company’s news.

Those with an Ambassador licence can also delegate their social accounts to the editorial team with a moderation rule so that they can share content and actions via their channels.

What are the results achieved by ORSYS Formation within 2 years?

ORSYS Formation has now succeeded in bringing 55 ambassadors on board in this Employee Advocacy approach which, after 2 years, is showing effective results:

orsys limber results

“For us, it’s really a win-win strategy: the company sees its brand image boosted, and on the employee side, they have access to quality content, ready to be shared, which also allows them to contribute to working on their personal branding.”

Marion Ollivier,
Social Networks Communication Manager

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