Community Management

Are you responsible for community management? Do you support customers in their digital communication strategies? How do you juggle multiple content channels for each client? How do you ensure maximum visibility for the content? How do you secure access to corporate client accounts? How can you ensure transparency and real-time visibility of your actions?

The Limber platform enables you to centralize all your customer’s content. The secure delegation functions also enable collaboration across social accounts between agency and client (corporate accounts and company spokesmen: officers, employees etc.)

The platform will then allow a comprehensive analysis of the performance of the social media strategy and provide statistics by channel, content etc.…which can all be easily shared with your customers!

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  • Multi-Account Management
  • Centralize content from multiple clients
  • Content curation
  • Content sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer …
  •   Collaboration between company accounts, clients and agencies
  • Measure performance by content, channel, customer …
  • Weekly reporting via email
  • Tracking for all actions performed

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