Case Study • Ramsay Santé

About Ramsay Santé

To meet the challenges of patient care (10 million French people suffer from a chronic disease) and the many challenges of access to health care in a rapidly changing society, Ramsay Santé, which offers a multidisciplinary and coordinated approach to medical care, became the specialist in comprehensive patient care.

With nearly 340 healthcare facilities in Europe including 133 in France, more than 36,000 employees and 8600 practitioners, Ramsay Santé is today one of the major players in medical care in Europe, and the leader of the private hospital market in France.

In 2020 alone, Ramsay Santé’s maternity wards delivered over 33,000 newborns in France.

Using Limber on a daily basis, Kévin Nayraguet, Head of Social Media is in charge of Ramsay Santé’s entire social media strategy. He talks about his personal experience and gives feedback on the results that he achieved with the help of Limber.

What were your objectives when choosing Limber?

“Limber is the platform that Ramsay Santé chose a little over a year ago to support our Employee Advocacy program and coordinate our social media efforts. Limber turned out to be a far more comprehensive solution than the other solutions on the market and additionally won us over with its approach.

In the context of external growth, we wanted to establish our position as a leader in comprehensive patient care by investing in a managed and coordinated content strategy in which we wanted to involve all of our employee ambassadors and facilities.

We were also looking for a genuine collaboration with a 100% French player that complies with the European data processing standards (RGPD: General Data Protection Regulation) and would provide us with his support and know-how while we were implementing our employee advocacy strategy.”

Which features do you use on a daily basis?

Within the framework of this strategy, several Limber features are decisive:

Monitoring tools

They allow us to boost and cultivate our social media activities around the topics of nursing and healthcare.

Employee engagement 

Employees can easily share our content via their social media profiles thanks to notifications that they receive through mobile application (APP).

Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTAs allow us to suggest other social media channels, the download of white papers and much more to our audience.


Accurate analysis of the results of our content strategy, demonstrating the performance of the various publications on your communication channels.


They help to unite teams and encourage healthy competition amongst employees as well as the numerous facilities.

Content Walls & Newsletters

Content walls and automated newsletters allow us to promote content internally and promote its sharing.

Which results did you achieve with Limber?

“The implementation of Limber as a content marketing automation and employee advocacy tool increased the visibility of our content significantly. It helped us to build audiences in accordance with our approach to health. Furthermore, Limber allowed us to unite and involve our employees and practitioners around Ramsay Santé’s values, too. This in turn helped us to strengthen and consolidate our market position.”
Kévin Nayraguet,
Head of Social Media

Our editorial strategy is very broad. We offer content (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.) related to healthcare topics: prevention, health, teams and patients, our services as well as innovation.

However, we present our collaborator-ambassadors also with other types contents, which is related to the sector/technology monitoring. Thus, they realize that expressing oneself on social media should not be and is not limited to talking about oneself or the company that they work for. First and above all, you need to interest your audience and followers.

Promoting this content is an important issue for Ramsay Santé’s image and that of its facilities. Limber allows us to accelerate and boost the visibility of our content on our social media networks. The platform also enables a decentralized company such as ours to coordinate contributions effectively and successfully and to reward our most active ambassadors. Limber users can suggest content, too. And it is this collective approach that lends value to the platform. In a year and a half, we achieved amongst other things the following results:

● More than 1,000 pieces of content made available to employees
● More than 8,800 shares on social media networks published
● More than 48,800 clicks on publications realized

Limber supports you in your Content Marketing, Social Selling and Employee Advocacy projects.