Social Selling

Generate qualified leads through social networks

Today, 70% to 80% of the purchasing process in B2B is done independently, even before contacting a sales representative.*


The Social Selling concept is based on the distribution of high value-added content in order to create more personalized interactions on social networks and generate new prospects.

Deploying a Social Selling project allows sales forces to detect new opportunities using social networks by:

  • Delivering content at the right time and on the right channels.
  • Offering quality content to accompany the prospect along the buying process.
  • Allowing sales representatives to delegate the management of their corporate accounts to the marketing team.
  • Engaging with connected prospects and customers to create conversation and receive feedback.

It’s Easy to Implement Social Selling with Limber

With Limber, the Marketing team gives the Sales team the means to ensure regular presence on social networks and to generate new opportunities.

Reduce prospecting time.

Make it easy to access and share content.

Simplify monitoring and curation actions.

Detect opportunities on social networks.

Follow the performance and ROI of your shares.

Highlight your actions and results (gamification).



reduction in the average cost of customer acquisition thanks to Social Selling.



of B2B buyers say they have been influenced by content read on social networks.

Livre Blanc • Generate Leads through Social Networks

Discover the keys of Social Selling to generate new clients and leverage your presence on social networks to be more profitable.

Webinar • Demonstration of Limber Features

Every first or second Thursday of the month, participate in our live demonstration of Limber features for implementing your Social Selling project!

Social Selling • Deploying a Social Selling Project

Make it easy for your sales teams to adopt a Social Selling project thanks to the delegation of social network accounts and Limber Calls-To-Action.

Key Features of Social Selling

Selection of Thematic Content

Marketing content shared in one click

Facilitate access to and sharing of value-added thematic content. Created especially, or from monitoring and curation, to generate even more opportunities via the social networks of your sales representatives.

Delegation of Corporate Accounts

Benefit from the audience of your collaborators

Your ambassadors connect their corporate accounts securely to Limber and delegate to the editorial team the ability to post on their behalf, according to 3 levels of moderation.

Call-To-Actions and Forms

Transform your network into sources of new prospects

Insert Calls-to-Action on your shares to generate opportunities on social networks. Display buttons, banners and forms and connect them to your Marketing Automation tools (HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce...).

Gamification and Leaderboards

Leaderboards to motivate your teams

Promote commitment to the project for the Sales teams through statistical follow-up of their actions via a Leaderboard. Organize monthly or quarterly, individual or team challenges.

Do you want to discover how to implement Limber for your Social Selling project?