Employee Advocacy

Empower your employees while boosting your visibility.

78% of users expressed that they would trust information coming from a peer rather than a brand.*

*(The Nielsen Company LLC)

The company's voice is no longer just communication of the brand on social media accounts controlled and overseen by the company. The recent evolution of LinkedIn or Facebook algorithms, for example, only allows for a very low “organic” reach for your corporate page publications. On the other hand, employees who are active on social networks on a daily basis can quickly build up a qualified audience and become true micro-influencers on the key subjects within their jobs.

Deploying an Employee Advocacy program means implementing a strategy that benefits both the employees and the brand:

  • highlight the expertise of your employees through the distribution of value-added content
  • accompany them in the improvement of their personal branding and influence
  • create engagement through personalized and more “human” interaction
  • multiply by 10 the organic audience of your content

Make your employees into your best ambassadors with Limber

Limber makes it easy to implement your Employee Advocacy program by centralizing access to corporate content. Your employees and partners are encouraged to post quality, up-to-date and validated content across their social media profiles.

Centralized access to the content to be shared

Guarantee the consistency of your messages

Highlight the expertise of your employees

Dynamize the Employer Brand

Humanize the relationship with your prospects

Measure the commitment of your employees thanks to aggregated statistics

x 10

Times the organic audience of your content by 10 with Employee Advocacy.

x 8

Publications distributed by your employees’ garner 8 times more engagement.

White Paper • 5 Key Steps for a Successful Project

Deploying an Employee Advocacy program is a huge challenge for organizations. Increase your visibility with business generation and employer brand optimization.

Webinar • Demonstration of Limber Features

Every first or second Thursday of the month, participate in our live demonstration of Limber features for implementing your Employee Advocacy project!

Employee Advocacy • Why You Should Get Started!

Discover our blog post on how to deploy the most effective Employee Advocacy program! You will see how to increase your visibility thanks to your collaborators.

Key Features of Employee Advocacy

Thematic Content Walls

Content which can be shared in just a few clicks

Facilitate access to and sharing of value-added thematic content to develop your company's audience while also helping your employee advocates to develop their own personal branding.

Mobile App

A platform accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Access your platform wherever you are and whatever your activity. Be alerted in real time on your iOS and Android devices to validate, moderate and share the publications that interest you.

Gamification and Leaderboards

Motivate your employees to achieve the best ranking.

Enhance your employees' participation by assigning a configurable scoring system and presenting individual and team rankings.

Email Signature

Integrate coordinated and informative email signatures!

Increase the effectiveness of your Content Marketing campaigns by relaying them in your employees' email signatures.

Do you want to discover how to implement Limber for your Employee Advocacy project?