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What is Limber?

Limber is a platform for managing Content Marketing campaigns, allowing you to define and organize intelligent distribution of your content, such as blog posts or videos, and implement Employee Advocacy or Social Selling strategies.

Limber also allows you to streamline collaboration between different marketing functions. Reduce manual actions and increase the visibility of content by implementing semantics and the automation of the distribution across social networks.

In practice, Limber allows you to centralize all your content, to structure and automate its multi-channel distribution (social networks, blogs, etc.) and to measure its effectiveness using aggregated statistics.

With Limber, you no longer need to switch from one social platform to another to promote your content. No need to use a spreadsheet to calculate the impact of all your channels, Limber does it for you. This makes it easy to highlight the effectiveness of your actions: everything is gathered in one place and organized according to your objectives.

What is a Channel?

Limber is a platform that allows you to easily import your existing content and promote it on social networks, blogs, content walls or newsletters. A channel is a connection to a third-party system such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a mailing list, a website or a blog, most often using the API of the system you are connecting to.

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What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is an essential strategic axis in your communication plan. It is characterized by an objective, targets, key messages, key words, a start date and an end date. In Limber, campaigns will allow you to link your social publication actions (sharing) around the same theme. Limber will take care of adding the keywords that will create this coherence and aggregating the performance statistics of your shares.

Example: A “Ford” campaign could include “Mustang”, “Focus” and “Ranger” sub-campaigns.

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What is Content?

Content is a generic concept which is defined by a title, keywords, message or description. Content is the essential element of Content Marketing: it is the informative, relevant and qualitative element that will allow you to attract, acquire and engage your audience. Limber allows you, in a few clicks, to index the contents that are hosted on your site. Also, the third-party contents that you wish to highlight through “curation”. Content can be linked to one or more campaigns.

Content can be, for example, a white paper or an eBook in .pdf format, a linked video hosted on YouTube or a blog article. It can also be the text in HTML, a feed or an attachment.

Limber is your content vault, where you store the contents that have an important value and that you want to keep readily available to animate your social networks.

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What is a Tag?

Your tags are your favorite themes, those you follow and those you talk about. Therefore, tags allow you to structure all of your content and promotional campaigns on your different distribution (outgoing) channels.

What is a Keyword?

Your keywords represent your favorite themes, those you follow and those through which you express yourself. They therefore allow you to structure all your content and all the promotional campaigns for this type of content on your different distribution channels (outbound channels).

What is a Share?

A share is the promotion of content on a communication channel, most often a social network. Limber implements a rules engine capable of taking into account multiple parameters in order to distribute your content in a minimum number of clicks. When the user selects a channel, Limber automatically suggests a layout adapted to the constraints of the channel, based on the semantic analysis of HTML and / or markers affixed by the author.

It can publish content at the time you want and in the best adapted format for the channel in question.

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What is a Publication Scenario?

A Publication Scenario is a saved sequence of a set of shares and actions to be able to reuse it for the promotion of other content. These publication scenarios will then allow you to optimize the distribution of your content, their recurring promotion, the extension of their lifespan and thus their return on investment.

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What is a Call-to-Action

Limber Call-to-Action (CTA) allows social network users and brands to insert personal messages, bounce content and lead generation forms into their content sharing.

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About Your Profile

You can find all the information about you, your licence, your platform and the information that will be displayed about you on it. This information could be used for the Email Signature or the Call-to-Action Biography.

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Limber Mobile App

Limber has developed its mobile application available on iOS and Android to allow you to access your platform wherever you are.

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