Limber and the new Facebook rules

Following the Cambridge Analytica case and the new General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR), Facebook has applied new restrictions on its API that involve changes on the use of Limber.

New Facebook Usage Rules effective August 1st, 2018

Since August, 1st 2018, Facebook has reduced access to its API for personal accounts, preventing the use of from third-party applications like Limber to post on Facebook. Regarding publications on Facebook pages, there is no change : you can plan your share on Limber as you always did.

What impact on Limber ?

In order to comply with this new direction taken by Facebook, we have added an additional step when you publish on a personal Facebook account. You can continue to plan your shares with Limber, however the owner of the channel must perform the “post” action to make the share effective.

Sharing content on personal Facebook accounts now works as follow :

  1. Plan a share on a personal account as usual.
  2. At the date and time planned, the channel owner will receive a notification by email inviting him to share the suggested content.
  3. On the notification email, he/she will get the content share link and the message he/she has to copy and paste in the Facebook dialog.

A new status “To publish” has also appeared on your “Shares” tab. This filter will show all the  publications that are awaiting a manual publishing action.

This new usage brings of course new constraints when using Limber, though you will still be able to follow analytics of your content shares and those from you Ambassador and Advocate users… and you can still add Call-to-Actions to the shares you program!

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Caroline Deparpe

Etudiante en école de commerce (Burgundy School of Business). Dynamique et passionnée par l'univers du digital, je suis stagiaire chez Limber.
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