Content & Social Media Marketing with Limber

YouTube, Slideshare, WordPress … Tired moving from one platform to another?

With Limber, all your content is accessible on a single platform. Share it with 1 click on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!


Do you spend hours on content curation?

With Limber’s feed reader, easily filter all your information sources and share content with 1 click.

Are you struggling to get more traffic on your blog?

With Limber, you can schedule multiple shares to extend the lifetime of your content.

Why post the same messages on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin?

Each social network has its own characteristics. Limber suggests adapted and formatted shares to each channel for maximum impact.

counterYou get dozens of likes and retweets. But how many people actually consume your content?

Limber’s dashboard allows you to see at a glance the number of clicks on each of your shares, content and keywords, regardless of the channel.

timelineAlready using automation tools? Do you know when your next published tweet will be?

With Limber’s predictive timeline, you know what your social media marketing activity will be in the coming hours, days, months…