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The audience dashboard will soon appear on your Limber platform. But what exactly will it consist of?

In order to comply with a new direction taken by Facebook in 2018, we have added an extra step when posting to a personal account: the channel owner will have to perform a manipulation for the sharing to be effective.

Thus, sharing on the personal Facebook account will work as follows:

  • Schedule your share to a personal Facebook account.
  • At the scheduled time, the channel owner will receive an email notification inviting them to share the suggested content.
  • From the notification, they will have the link to share the content as well as the message to copy/paste into the Facebook dialog window.

New status from the Shares tab

From your Shares tab, you will notice a new status “To be published”. It refers to those types of posts that are awaiting manual action by the channel owner.


With Limber, you can still track the statistics of your shares on your account as well as those of your Ambassador and Advocate users… and you can continue to add your Call-to-Action on shared content!

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