Employee Advocacy: How to convince your boss?

A trendy practice in corporate communication, Employee Advocacy consists in inviting employees to become real players in corporate communication by relaying branded content and other marketing collaterals on their social media accounts. With the importance of social networks in 2021, setting up an employee-ambassador programme is a key practice to stay ahead of the competition.

When implemented with the right tools, Employee Advocacy can improve the personal branding of your employees while improving your company’s communication, both internally and externally. It’s also a way to identify and reward those among employees who are ready to engage a step further 

Whether you are a communication, marketing or HR professional, a problem can arise: How to convince your boss to support such a programme and approve the required budget?

In this webinar, we will address the key questions your boss may ask you such as: What are the benefits for the company? What will such a program bring to our employees? How to get people engaged? What are the costs? What is the expected ROI?

Webinar Program:

  • A reminder of the concept of Employee Advocacy
  • 5 arguments in favor of your brand
  • 5 arguments in favor of your employees
  • Bonus: how to measure the R.O.I. from the program

This webinar will be hosted by Jeremy Lipp, CEO & co-founder of Limber.

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