How can LinkedIN be leveraged to boost brand visibility?

LinkedIN has nevertheless become an essential tool! As the world’s leading professional social media network, it is now a key element of brands’ communication strategies. However, which are the practices to adopt in order to achieve an effective presence? How do you accomplish more engagement and visibility on LinkedIN? Discover the key steps to effectively promote your brand image!

LinkedIN, the world’s leading professional social media network

The Key Element: Collective Influence

When a post is shared multiple times, it becomes more credible in the eyes of users. Your prospects or future customers can be at the origin, just as well as your own employees.

That is what’s called collective influence! It is important to pool the sharing of content on social networks. In order to be as efficient as possible, it is important to organize the shares. The collective influence corresponds therefore, perfectly with an Employee Advocacy and Social Selling programme, allowing these methods to be deployed effectively. When implemented, collective influence transforms employees into corporate ambassadors, enabling employees to become true employee ambassadors. From HR to marketing, via sales and customer service… every single company department has a role to play in the development of such a program.

Décuplez votre visibilité sur Linkedin !
Everyone plays a role in content promotion!

Manage the contributions of your employees: Employee Advocacy!

The most effective way to constitute collective influence on your social media networks is Employee Advocacy! Provide your employees every day with the opportunity to express themselves actively and qualitatively on social media on job related subjects. By deploying an Employee Advocacy program, your employees are valued and their target group becomes competent, heightening the company’s visibility manifold!

The Employee Advocacy principle is simple: the company involves its employees in order to make them its best ambassadors. By co-creating and posting quality content on their own, personal social media accounts, they will attract more people than a simple corporate account. This in turn makes their content more relevant and makes it easier to reach future prospects… and even to retain current, existing customers.

Décuplez votre visibilité sur Linkedin !
The success of your content will be determined by your organisation!

Managed contributions, heightened visibility: Social Selling!

Building loyalty and selling is one of the strengths of a Social Selling program! Thanks to such a program, you can post high value-added, qualitative content on social media, making it easier to generate business opportunities. Engagement and loyalty are greatly boosted, and the benefits are numerous.

The potential buyer is no longer constantly solicited by a brand, instead his actions will demonstrate his desire, or willigness that is, to make a purchase. It becomes, therefore, easier for the salesperson to identify the moment as to when to contact the prospective client. The company, for its part, is no longer wasting time making futile contacts. Disseminating content becomes coherent and useful, making it possible to spread expertise that builds an authentic relationship. Social Selling helps to create a relationship of trust between employees and prospects, making it easier to sell.

It can be difficult to manage both an Employee Advocacy and Social Selling program at the same time. We therefore strongly recommend that you equip yourself with a powerful tool such as Limber, allowing both quantitative and qualitative analysis in real time of the collected data for the actions that you put in place. Its numerous tools will allow you to efficiently manage your campaigns and achieve your objectives!

Discover all the features of the Limber tool or make an appointment for a demonstration!

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