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Natural search engine optimisation (SEO) as we have always known it is evolving at the same time as Internet users, and traditional search engines are no longer the only tools enabling companies to gain notoriety and visibility.

Social networks are gradually introducing their own aspects of SEO: Social SEO.
Today we’re going to talk about SEO on Twitter…

SEO on Twitter is evolving significantly and continuing to influence the web

As we saw in our last article on social media predictions for 2023, social networks such as Tik Tok and Instagram are gradually overtaking the web when it comes to search. A study shows that almost half of Gen-Z internet users prefer to find information on social networks rather than on traditional search engines.

The blue bird of Twitter is also an essential medium for information, find out more in this article.

What is SEO on Twitter?

As with search engines, Twitter SEO is a process of referencing your tweets and your profile so that they rank higher on the ‘search’ part of the application.

The advantage of SEO on Twitter is that it increases visibility and reach both on and off the application. So it gives you twice the chance of being seen.

In other words, Twitter SEO benefits your ranking on the platform itself, and can also help tweets to appear in Google, Yahoo and other search results.

Why is SEO on Twitter important?

Social networks represent a valuable distribution channel for brands. Most sites have created enhanced search tools that make social SEO essential on all platforms, including Twitter.

SEO on Twitter contributes to brand recognition by increasing the visibility and reach of your tweets and profile.

When your brand’s tweets rank higher in search results for relevant keywords and phrases, they are more likely to be seen by a wider audience. This increases brand awareness and puts your content in front of the right people.

Optimising your Twitter presence can also help your brand increase its reach outside the platform. Public tweets and profiles can be discovered on Google. Even people who aren’t on Twitter can find your brand’s profile or tweets by searching on your brand name.

Ranking factors for referencing on Twitter:

It’s important to understand the algorithms of social platforms so that you can use them wisely. Here’s what the blue bird loves.

The relevance

According to the platform, the most important factor in ranking your tweets is their relevance to a search query. As with Google, does your content correspond to what a user is looking for?

If someone searches for “Paris 2024”, they expect to see tweets about the forthcoming Summer Olympics. If you don’t meet this expectation, Twitter will naturally not show you in the results.

The hashtags

Twitter was one of the first social networks to use hashtags to classify its content and help users discover topics or companies they might like. For brands, they are an excellent way of reaching a targeted and engaged audience.

Internet users are able to come across subjects that interest them, whether through recommendations (as in this image) or by searching for a hashtag itself directly in the search tab.

The engagement indicators

If a tweet generates a lot of engagement and conversation, Twitter will want to highlight it. Engagement metrics such as retweets, tweet citations, likes and replies are all factors in visibility.

For this reason, it’s essential to use relevant keywords and hashtags in your tweets. Incorporating these elements into your tweets allows you to reach people who are more likely to engage with your content. The more organic engagement you get, the more you will be appreciated by the algorithm.

The reputation

Relevant, high-quality content enables your brand to establish itself as a reliable source of information. Optimising your tweets helps to establish your brand as an opinion leader or authority in your sector.

Ultimately, this helps to build brand recognition and credibility. A good reputation is essential, especially if you want to stand out from the other brands on the platform.

Google’s SEO ranking factors

If your profile is public, your tweets can be found on Google.

Google indexes Twitter profiles and public tweets. As we saw earlier, this means that everything you say on Twitter is linked to your brand and that your tweets can also contribute to your overall ranking on Google. It is therefore in every company’s interest to optimise its tweets to benefit from good rankings both on Twitter and on Google.

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