Webinar: How marketing can help salespeople optimize the use of Linkedin

Webinar: How marketing can  help salespeople optimize the  use of Linkedin

The use of Linkedin as a prospecting channel has been widely adopted by salespeople. However, few of them make full use of the potential offered by social networks once the first contact is established, especially when it comes to sharing enriching content for their community and actively participating in discussions.

So join us on Tuesday, June 28th at 2:00PM to participate in this workshop!

During this webinar, we could see how well-equipped marketing teams can help sales people develop their presence on social networks, especially in :

• Optimizing their personal branding,
• Tracking the Social Selling index,
• Intelligent deployment of nurturing marketing content,
• The creation of “engagement” on the company’s publications,

This one-hour webinar was hosted by Jeremy Lipp, co-founder of the platform

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Anais Tajan

With a degree in literature and a passion for marketing, I pursue my path at Limber where I am in charge of communication and content writing.

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