Limber and the new Twitter rules

As you have probably already read, Twitter announced a few weeks ago the implementation of much stricter rules of use in connection with its objective of improving the quality of information available on the social network.

New Twitter Usage Rules Effective March 23, 2018

This new regulation, which comes into force this Friday, includes:

  • Do not post redundant Tweets or the like on multiple accounts at the same time;
  • Do not systematically and massively use a hashtag to influence « trending topics »;
  • Do not like or retweet a post simultaneously from multiple accounts.

This turning point is a good thing. Twitter has become in recent years a social network where the deafening noise of robots had begun to replace any logic of human communication. We at Limber therefore unreservedly supports this new approach, especially as it comes in lines with our choices to develop a semantic engine suggesting posts with distinct content or favoring the use of retweet rather than re-posting the same content.

What impact on the features of Limber?

These new rules nevertheless require us to limit some of our features such as:

  • The ability to apply a text template to all shares edited at the same time;
  • The use of automated sharing rules for a feed on multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.

We also implemented a new control to prevent publishing the same Tweet on multiple accounts at the same time. If you implemented this approach in your existing scenarios, we suggest you replace it with the use of a reasonable number of retweets as recommended by Twitter.

Finally we have also limited the automatic insertion of hashtags : only keywords that are already in the text of the tweet will be turned into hashtags.

Some of you will see these new rules as a constraint, and we can understand that. But we all have an interest in making Twitter become (again) a more human and more qualitative social network, and we hope it becomes a reality soon!

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