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Monitoring your overall audience is a key element that will reflect the effectiveness of your communication strategy across all your social accounts.

What is the audience?

An audience is a group of people who can be reached by a communication channel. This audience is often called in different ways depending on the social network: Followers on Instagram, Relations on LinkedIn, Friends on Facebook…

How to build or expand your audience?

To build your audience, start by adding your contacts (personal and professional).

Inviting new contacts met online or offline

Then expand your audience by inviting a contact to connect with you after an interaction or exchange with them. Did you interact with someone at a conference? Add that person on LinkedIn if they were there. Attended a webinar that you thought was relevant? Send a connection request to the presenter.

By interacting on social networks

Interact on networks such as LinkedIn by commenting or giving feedback on publications from personal pages or accounts.

Communicate authentically, consistently and transparently. Affirm your expertise by publishing different types of content such as articles, industry reports, infographics, conference proceedings, news related to your sector, etc.

You can meet new contacts with whom you share an expertise and add them or accept their request to be added.

By publishing content

Publishing content is still one of the easiest ways to grow your audience. It is within everyone’s reach and allows you to target a specific audience.

Therefore, do not hesitate to share content on topics related to your expertise, or that you know well. People with the same interest in these topics will easily find your publications and may “follow” you or make contact.

How to monitor the audience?

Tracking your audience is essential to help you refine your digital marketing strategy. It will help you, for example, to determine which social network has the most potential for your brand.

For this, the Limber audience dashboard will allow you to follow the evolution of the global potential audience of your platform.

In this way, the audiences of all your collaborators will be aggregated to be able to analyse their evolution in graphic form.

social media audience

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