The 15 benefits of Employee Advocacy

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Why launch an Employee Advocacy strategy to
spread your content on social networks?

With the rising power of social networks, Internet users are overwhelmed by an endless flow of information. Succeeding in raising their interest in your company is the very essence of social media marketing. This digital boom has a double-edged effect on a company’s reputation: it can help to raise its brand visibility, or, as in the case of false rumors or negative reviews, it can weaken it to the point of jeopardizing it.
To avoid this risk, it is highly recommended to humanize your brand, which will also contribute to increasing its virality and interactions. Indeed, Internet users go on social networks to exchange with their peers thus, there is nothing like using employee ambassadors to give an identity to your company. 

The best influencers you could hire already work for you !

Nowadays, corporate communication is considered too oriented and there is, on the contrary, a real preference for authenticity. Who better than your real employees to promote your image and expertise on social networks?  A message is perceived as more trustworthy if it comes from someone rather than from something. Therefore, your employees hold tremendous power in terms of e-reputation, and they represent an essential marketing lever for an optimal visibility.

This strategy is called Employee Advocacy. It consists in mobilizing and empowering employees who are active on social networks and who can gather a qualified audience. They become the company’s spokespersons: they are invited to promote and relay information from the company to their target. 
Such a program creates a largely quantifiable value for an organization. Ambassadors not only contribute to the value of their organization but can also help in preventing crises for example. Turning employees into ambassadors, or brand advocates, develops their commitment to the company, inspires collaboration and improves the overall customer experience.

A “win-win” strategy that has many
benefits for both the employees and the company:

For the company :
  • Gain visibility on social networks,
  • Strengthen your credibility and legitimacy,
  • Capture the interest of a wider audience and build trust,
  • Reduce the costs of your social media strategy,
  • Develop your company brand through human interactions,
  • Increase lead generation (and therefore, potentially gain new customers),
  • Multiply your organic reach by 10,
  • Work with motivated and committed employees,
  • Build long-term loyalty with your ambassadors.
For the employees :
  • Be up to date with the brand’s news,
  • Feel more involved and invested in the company’s life,
  • Become an actor in the group’s communication strategy,
  • Enhance your social profile by sharing your business expertise,
  • Cultivate your personal branding,
  • Practice social selling to generate sales.
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In short : far from being a simple trend, Employee Advocacy is particularly relevant for generating business and visibility thanks to committed and motivated ambassadors. 

For this strategy to be effective, it must be organized, orchestrated and managed. Every person in every sector can be involved in this project (marketing, HR, sales…). That being said, it must not be forgotten that such an approach should not be imposed but should rely on the willingness of employees. We invite you to discover our White Paper to learn more about it and read our advice. 

Limber provides an ergonomic, simple and efficient tool to design and implement a relevant collective influence strategy. For this, three keywords : Organization, centralization and sharing. 

Thanks to this tool, everything is centralized in a single platform. It is the ideal way to manage a successful Employee Advocacy strategy while having an overview of the messages coming from the brand and its employees. Now you have all the keys to turn your employees into ambassadors.

If you’d like to learn more about how Limber can help you achieve your Employee Advocacy goals by leveraging collective influence, please feel free to contact us !
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