Email Signatures

Manage email signatures internally and promote corporate marketing content.

Email Signatures

Co-ordinated Brand Image

Because an employee's email signature is their virtual business card, it is important that it reflects the company's image. Create email signature templates for the users of your platform and choose the information you want to display using different variables.

Set up all signature templates in a few clicks on your employees' profiles by choosing which template to assign. Create a set of templates, different for each department of the company and update them in real time without any intervention from your collaborators.

Promote Your Content

A genuine lever for the visibility of your contents and your marketing operations, Limber offers you the possibility to accumulate an infinite number of signatures to promote the content you want. Increase the visibility of content, choose the publication and un-publication periods with real-time updating.

Personalize the content proposed by your employees within their signatures according to the period and their target: different departments, business sectors, if it’s the Christmas period, for example... Be creative and communicate on the subjects that matter to you when you want!

Email Signatures

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