Thematic Content Walls

Make your content available to your collaborators and partners via thematic walls that facilitate sharing on social networks.

Thematic Content Walls

Facilitate Sharing

Gather your content and transform your Limber platform into a true hub of selected content. Then push them to your collaborators to facilitate sharing on their social networks.

Add comments and descriptions to help your collaborators choose the content they will share. These annotations will also make it easier for them to share their chosen content and comply with the company's editorial policy.

Promote Your Content

Align your platform to your company's corporate identity in order to better distribute information. Whether internal or external, your content must be highlighted and easy to share while respecting the requirements of your company.

Improve your internal communication thanks to your platform and content walls. Distribute all the information you wish to pass on to your employees in a few clicks.

Thematic Content Walls

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