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The benefits of Employee Advocacy are multiple and users who make professional use of social networks have understood this very well! On the company side, this approach is the best tool to boost its social visibility and generate business opportunities.

Every employee is an ambassador

“What do you do for a living?” Everyone has asked or answered this question. But when you answer it, you inevitably talk about your company and its news, your know-how, the general atmosphere with your colleagues…

Whether we like it or not, the company is partly perceived through its employees. Employees are in the best position to bear witness to their activity and even do so unconsciously. After all, work is an integral part of life.

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Employee Advocacy: born from the apparition of social networks

Employee Advocacy is not actually a new practice. The term was created with the emergence of social networks.

All employees communicate about their company at some point and represent it, directly or indirectly. Social networks have simply digitalized this process, which has become an increasingly important strategy.

Social networks give a much greater resonance than a simple dinner in town or with the family. But when an employee speaks on a social network, he or she can never totally dissociate his or her “personal” speech from his or her professional life.

“My tweets are my own”, “I speak for myself”, “I tweet personally”… These terms are sometimes found in the personal biographies of social accounts. The fact that an employee feels the need to dissociate himself from his company when he speaks on social networks proves once again that he will always be associated with it, in one way or another.

A personal process to be driven collectively

In recent years, the use of social networks has become more and more democratic. Indeed, nearly 80% of Internet users are active on social networks, 91% of them on a daily basis.

In their core business, everyone has expertise that they bring to their company. This expertise is also shared in everyday life, and more and more on social networks!

There are two possible scenarios for the company. Either it lets its employees communicate their know-how on their own, minimizing the social impact they could generate. Or it becomes aware of the value of these interactions and provides them with tools to facilitate their approach.

Awareness and commitment for employees

For employees, speaking out professionally on social networks has many benefits:

  • They value their social profile by sharing their business expertise.
  • It is also an opportunity to work on their Personal Branding by optimizing their e-reputation and their employability for a potential future job.
  • Become an actor in the company’s communication by relaying the company’s publications.
Employee Advocacy Ambassador

Who is it for?

👉 For salespeople, it’s an opportunity to practice Social Selling (generating sales through social networks). According to a study by La Poste Business Solution, 61% of professionals have already been influenced by an article or post published on social networks when making a purchase.

👉 For Human Resources, Employee Advocacy covers different issues. For example, it has become common to recruit on social networks. The network of employees can also be used for co-optation. A potential candidate will always be more likely to apply for a job in a company where employees are proud to show their belonging.

Employee Advocacy: a higher visibility at the reach of the company

For the company, it is an opportunity to reach a much wider audience than if it was limited to its corporate pages.

For example, if an employee has 500 LinkedIn contacts, 300 Twitter followers and 450 Facebook contacts, he or she could potentially reach 1250 people. Multiplied by the number of employees, the total organic audience is magnified!

Moreover, recommendations from members of one’s network are more easily trusted than corporate accounts. Their social posts get on average 8 times more engagement! Valuing the network of your ambassadors becomes a real social visibility strategy.

👉 Make social networks the real allies of your sales strategy! We tell you all about Social Selling in this article.

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