Limber Bêta-3 is out ! : Multiply your social sharing

Dear users,

With the arrival of spring, the Limber team has decided to release a new version of your favorite marketing automation tool that we developed patiently throughout this harsh winter.

Apart from minor changes made following your feedback, this new Beta 3 version includes a major innovation: the multiplication of your social sharing!

The principle is simple: once chosen which content to share, then the suitable campaign, select the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn channels  as many times as you want to create shares.


Limber then generates for you a variety of shares you just have to validate – or adapt if necessary! The text suggestions are extracted from semantic markup of the content, including title, description, Open Graph or Twitter cards meta-tags as well as blockquotes combined with the campaign keywords for consistency.


With Limber you can schedule Tweets to promote your latest blog post every week with only 3 clicks !

What’s next?

Stay tuned! This new sharing feature will see nice improvements happen in the coming days. As always, feel free to send us your comments or share with us you unspoken desires at [email protected] 😉

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Passionate about webmarketing since 1998, I have been in charge of Communication and Digital Marketing at Lyonnaise-des-Eaux, Steria and Bonitasoft before co-founding Limber and becoming its CEO

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