On the campaigns page, you can view all created campaigns and create new ones.

For each campaign, you can see:

  • Its name and description
  • Its corresponding tag(s)
  • Its start and end date
  • Its parent campaign (optional)
  • The total number of shares (as well as the number of shares scheduled)
  • The total number of clicks
  • An “Edit” button, allowing you to edit the campaign
  • A “Delete” button, allowing you to remove the campaign

By clicking on the name of your campaigns, you will have access to their unified statistics.

How to create a campaign?

After clicking on the Campaigns tab, the “New campaign” button lets you create a new campaign.

What are the fields on the New Campaign page?

On this page, you will find 3 fields: name, primary tags and secondary tags.

  • Name: enter the name of your campaign. A short name is always preferable.
  • Primary tags: these tags not only allow you to add keywords to your campaign, but they will also be used automatically by Limber as hashtags to structure your shares.
  • Secondary tags : if the text of your share contains one of the secondary tags, it will be transformed into a hashtag.

You also have access to other options:

  • Parent campaign (optional): You can select a parent campaign who your new campaign will depend on. Example: A “Ford” campaign could include “Mustang”, “Focus” and “Ranger” sub-campaigns.
  • Description: describe the target, key messages, objectives …
  • Start date and end date: these optional fields allow you to add a temporal structure to your campaign.