Limber Content Marketing Automation Beta-2 now available!

Dear users,

Since we released our first Bêta version last September our team has been quiet but very busy with developing new features for our content marketing automation platform. You may have already discovered by yourself a number of enhancements in the last weeks.

As we have now completed all our roadmap items, it’s now time for us to announce the general availability of the release #2 of our Bêta version.


  • Mass import content from a RSS feed

You can now easily add all your existing content (web pages, blog posts, YouTube videos …) in a few clicks. To help you, we’ve added a small useful feature that allows you to access your feeds with just your username of the following platforms: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger.

  • Saving and read RSS feeds

After adding your RSS stream url, you can save it as incoming Channel, which will allow you to easily add new content from that stream in the future. You can also use this feature to read news feeds if you are a content curation addict!

  • Content view

In the same way you can already access statistics and shares history by Campaign, a new view in Limber shows these elements for every content piece.


  • Facebook Pages

Many of wanted to be able to post on Facebook pages, and it is now possible. After adding your Facebook account, you can view all Facebook pages related to your account and add pages of your choice as new channels.

  • Linkedin Groups

As for the Facebook pages, you can easily add with a few clicks the Linkedin groups for which you have publishing rights.


  • Images in shares

Shares you do with Limber now automatically include an image from the shared content, which can lead to multiple by 3 your click through rate! And if the image does not please you, you can change it by editing the content or choose not include picture at all

  • Embed videos into shares

When posting a link to a video (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.), they are now embedded directly into the timeline of the social network. Be careful if you make a share on Twitter, do not include an image in your share as the video won’t be embedded.

  • Linkedin likes

The number of likes you get on your Linkedin updates are now displayed in the Share timeline below the number of clicks.

  • Twitter favorites

In the same way, the number of favorites you get for every single tweet is now displayed in the share timeline.

Last but not least

Access to this Bêta 2 version is of course free, and you can even invite your colleagues and friends to test the application using the form provided for this purpose in the top right of the application dashboard. Limber is also now open to all, registration for this Beta 2 version being public.

If you want to help Limber, do not hesitate to post a small tweet or even a blog (!) on your use of the platform.

In the coming weeks we will share an accurate view of our future developments and offerings around the platform. Meanwhile, if you need personalized assistance, a demonstration or any other type of help feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Stay tuned!

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Passionate about webmarketing since 1998, I have been in charge of Communication and Digital Marketing at Lyonnaise-des-Eaux, Steria and Bonitasoft before co-founding Limber and becoming its CEO

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