Incoming and outgoing channels

Limber allows you to connect easily to multiple channels. There are 2 types of channels:

  • incoming channels: external sources of content that Limber will index
  • outgoing channels: channels used to disseminate content

How to add an incoming channel

To add an incoming channel, click “Channels”.

Then simply enter the URL of your content source, or an RSS feed. For example:

  • (URL)
  • (RSS feed)

Limber will then automatically show different RSS feeds from your source, and ask you if that is your source or not (curation). You can also change the name of the feed that you are going to save.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the connection with sources of content such as Youtube, Slideshare, WordPress, Blogger, or Vimeo, simply insert the account name, and Limber does the rest.

How to add an outgoing channel

To add an outgoing channel, click “Channels”. Alternatively you can go to the Limber’s homepage and click the button “View” from the “Channels” module.

Limber lets you connect to:

  • Twitter: accounts
  • Facebook: accounts and pages
  • LinkedIn: accounts and pages
  • Yammer: accounts and networks
  • WordPress: accounts and self-hosted blogs

One outgoing channel cannot be shared between several people in Basic and Personal editions.

The Basic Edition lets you add 5 incoming channels and 5 outgoing channels. The Personal Edition allows you to add channels 10 incoming channels and 10 outgoing channels.

→ Do you want to add more or different channels? Feel free to send us an email at [email protected].