Combining Content Marketing and SEO

Leveraging your Content Marketing effort is not just about publishing your production on your personal or corporate website. If you have a deep look into your Google Analytics account, you might be surprised by the small number of people who will actually see it in the first week after going live. Of course in the long run, if you implement the SEO best practices – like selecting the right keyword and using it throughout your content page, description and title – your content might be identified by Google or other search engine bots and you’ll probably get a decent organic traffic within a few months – provided your site has already a good page rank.

But will your content still be accurate at that time? Getting the right return on your content investment cannot wait that long and neither does your boss. Content marketing is not just about content creation which stands for 50% of the work. It’s also about promoting your content, in other words not waiting to be found by search engines and visitors, but to go and publish it where the people are.

A Content Marketing and SEO Golden Rule

A golden rule for efficient Content Marketing is to use a wide range of formats for your content: if you have put a lot of efforts into writing a white paper on an expert topic, make sure to turn this great content into a blog, a presentation, an infographic or even a video or a podcast and link all these items together. That way you can maximize the reach of your content by leveraging all the channels that will spread your voice to the people you are targeting.

Once done, you’ll need to go through the tedious tasks of publishing your great content pieces onto all those channels. Of course try as much as possible to include backlinks to your website, that will help your SEO and also entice people to become regular visitors.

Here’s a great infographic that describes all the possibilities you have to make your content viewed.

Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing With SEO

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One comment on “Combining Content Marketing and SEO

  1. Natascha Pieters 08/04/2016 13:51

    I really like the picture, it shows great examples of companies that have done this succesfully.

    I think one of the biggest advantages is, that the e-commerce giants (Amazon etc.) doesn’t use a lot of time on mixing Content marketing and SEO. Recently, i’ve read this article
    It explains why you have to combine Content marketing, Long-tail SEO and Local SEO, so now i’ll try to implement this in my webshop. Hopefully it will show some good results!

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