Maximize the social visibility of your content

So you have carefully created and curated your content, now what?

You want people to actually view and share the content that you have developed. Luckily social media has made this easy, and in some ways a little tricky. The goal is to reach and grow your target audience as much as possible, and with so many different social media channels, the challenge is managing the content for each, in the most efficient and specific way. It can definitely be tedious, but there are tools and tips to help you navigate, distribute, and maximize the social visibility of your content.

First, you want to be very well aware of each channel you are utilizing, their specific share attributes and user behavior. For example, you do not want to share detailed industry insights on Twitter that would be more appropriate and successful on Linkedin or Slideshare. Be sure to do your research to decide which channels are the best fit for your industry, or if you may even benefit from having a main social channel, which would be the most adequate fit for your preferred style of content.

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Lets look at 2 examples:

For Twitter you want to balance the smart with the trending when it comes to shares. You should incorporate trending topics and hashtags into your shares while promoting your own content. Join groups and engage with prominent figures, retweet, and ask questions. Twitter is all about quick interactions with people who can carry your content further. On the other hand, Linkedin is great resource and often times not utilized to the fullest potential.

Statistics show that Linkedin is more likely to send direct traffic to your website or blog than any other social platform, and otherwise essential to your visibility and growth.

Linkedin audiences are generally more keen to actually read and be interested in your focused industry content. It is important for your Linkedin page to be as informative and cohesive as possible. Engagement is crucial with all the different social platforms; you must be consistent in your posting. This is where tools such as Limber come into play to maximize your visibility.

It is imperative to maintain a content schedule, making regular posts on multiple channels. Limber allows you to do just that, and more. You are able to create campaigns and scenarios that will promote your content (created and curated) over the selected period of time.

This permits you to be more efficient, reach audiences, while giving you the opportunity to engage in real time. 

The Limber application is designed to allow you to construct a social media strategy that suits you and maintains your distribution content. Although each share is formatted accordingly to the selected channel, you are also able to modify the post, hashtags etc.


Another key component is frequency. Re-sharing content is not frowned upon, in fact it is necessary when promoting your content. Especially now that most social platforms operate on algorithms not sequential time. If you share something once, it may never be seen, read, or clicked, and so it is lost.

Limber enhances re-sharing by enabling you to create multiple shares over time, extending the visibility. Limber also provides analytics to measure the performance of each piece of shared content.

Lastly apply cross promotion on your various channels. For example, your Facebook page is a great way to promote your Instagram and Youtube channels.  Be wise to do this in way that makes sense, and not just to accrue multitudes of self-promotion (that’s annoying.) Cross promotion is valuable because those who follow you on one platform are more likely to follow you on many. When done properly all channels will work together to form a cohesive image, and with Limber the process becomes more organzied and easier to manage.

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