Publication Calendar

Manage and schedule your publications across your company's social networks in just a few clicks.

Publication Calendar

A Global Vision

The monthly or weekly calendar allows you to get an overview of all the posts that have been scheduled by the users of your platform. You can then better identify the off-peak periods or the most active periods on your platform.

You posted an article twice in the same day? Don't worry, thanks to re-programming, you can modify your posts and balance your communication around content.

Programming to Optimize

Avoid the echo chamber effect if many of your employees share the same item with the same descriptions. Identify, at a glance, the posts you want to modify and propose new formulations to the collaborators you want.

Share your content over and over again to extend its lifespan. Automatically schedule monthly or weekly sharing of high value-added content: white papers, articles, videos...

Publication Calendar

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