How to create a publishing scenario

There exists many tools for marketing automation, some better than others, offering multiple services, or catering to niche markets. Depending on what type of brand you have or clients you represent, the Limber platform offers many advantages for your content marketing goals.

With Limber, users have the ability to create and curate content, schedule shares and analyze their performance.

Limber provides many collaborative features that facilitate the amplification of content through linked shares. This enables users to create groups within their enterprise and delegate channels, such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.

In the Limber platform you have the ability to create a Scenario, which basically is a share formula that you create with a specific time and frequency, to save and reuse for posts. You can create a scenario in a few simple steps:

  1. Select the channels and the amount of shares you wish to make on each.

  2. Create the time interval that for each post ie: 4 days apart, 10 days, 30 etc.

  3. Edit the text for each share, as well as the image.

  4. Save your scenario.



When you create a scenario is where you can apply your content marketing strategy. The scenario allows you to choose specific times and days to schedule the post, thus giving you the freedom to create a formula that best suits your needs and ofcourse, your audience.

Scenario’s are important because they save time on a crucial element of efficient content marketing…‘the repost.’

Time is a valuable thing and so is reposting content for maximum visibility. Once the scenario is created and saved, it is accessible for use anytime you want to share content. You can create as many scenarios as you like, as well as edit and delete them anytime. In just a few clicks your content automation is customized and efficient!

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Alanah Campagnuolo

Interested in content marketing and the future of social media. Passionate about writing and content curation.

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