New wave of video content

Video content has been growing since we could film everything instantaneously with our smart phones. Since the onset of video sharing features in popular social media like Snapchat and Instagram, we have seen an explosion of usage and thus advertisement and content consumption.

In order to be competitive in your industry you must adapt your content to the mode of today, for the forseeable future, and that is video. 

According to Cisco, by 2017 video will make up 69% of all consumer internet traffic.

The window to video content has always been youtube, but now with facebook, twitter vids, vine etc. the video sharing method has diversified. In conjunction video marketing has as well, creating new forms of content consumption.

Depending on the subject matter, consumers would rather watch a short video than read an article. As a video can serve as both substitution and supplement to your content, it provides a more obvious dynamic view of your product and brand. Brands are now engaging their audience and more importantly their potential customers through video.


Here are some ways you can integrate video into your content marketing:

  • Email. Add video to your emails and newsletters to highlight and preview new features. Studies show that videos in emails have a higher open and click through rate. For example; using video for short term promotional sales.


  • Education. We are all familiar with the tutorial. If your industry or product requires updates for users and how-to guides, be sure to maintain your vlogging via youtube uploads, and share regularly for ease of access to your video library.


  • UGC-User Generated Content. Dive into the realm of user generated content, which basically serves as the video form of the customer testimonial, but in a much more genuine and powerful way. It is a peer review, testimonial, and advertisement all rolled into one. For free! UGC has had huge success amongst the millenial generation and is only growing. It gives brands more credibility while providing users with a sense of incorporation and publicity.


  • Storytelling. Use videos as brand communication tool. This type of interactive exchange is really picking up speed thanks to the Snapchat community that businesses are now tapping into. Live updates that can reach your followers, constant contact and brand awareness, video is really the best method to engage your audience and evolve your brand all at the same time.

As new applications develop, the way we consume and exchange information will always be changing. The mission for content marketing is to relay your information in the most effective way possible.

With Limber’s Youtube integration you can now push content onto your Youtube channel, allowing you to share your video media and boost visibility. Expanding your video sharing can raise your brand awareness and attract customers and users in new exciting ways. 

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Alanah Campagnuolo

Interested in content marketing and the future of social media. Passionate about writing and content curation.

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