Content Curation and Market Insights

Gather sector relevant content and monitor your competitors in real time.

Content Curation and Market Insights

The Content Just Keeps on Coming

Set up a monitoring in your field of activity but also of your competitors so that you can be alerted of news in real time. Remain permanently connected thanks to your platform in order to react to your competitors, as quickly as possible.

You can also carry out a permanent curation of the value-added content that appear every day in your domain. Find all this content on your platform to share it in a few clicks with your company or your professional audience.

Unlimited Sources

Add as many content sources as you want. The more sources you have, the more you will be able to feed your company's communication as well as improve your expertise in your core business.

To manage all these content sources, you can index them and set up automated sharing rules. Share all the content you have obtained from your curation and monitoring to all your employees or your community.

Content Curation and Market Insights

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