Insert Calls-to-Action where you want to generate even more qualified leads.


Generate More Leads

Generate even more leads by combining your Social Selling strategy with Calls-to-Action on the articles you share. Display them as small pop-ups on the relevant content. Promote an article, webinar, white paper, etc. on the sites you want!

Customize them as you wish: shape, color, image, text, button... A multitude of choices are available for you to create the Call-to-Action in accordance with your graphic and editorial policies.

Link Different Tools Together

Since a Social Selling project only works if it’s ROI is good, boost its performance! Take advantage of the audience generated by sharing and encourage them to visit your website even more.

Link these Calls-to-Action to your Marketing Automation tools to generate even more opportunities and data. Transform simple shares into paths of commercial opportunities in just one click.


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