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A call-to-action is a graphic element on a web page that invites the user to take a specific action. By using a form or a button, the user is invited to consult a related article, to download a white paper, to book a demo, to register for a webinar…

Why insert Call-to-Action?

To attract visitors to your website, you create relevant, informative or entertaining content which you then distribute massively to your audience through different channels to generate maximum traffic.

But generating qualified traffic is not enough. The next objective is to transform these visitors into identified prospects with the purpose of initiating a direct contact.

To this end, the Calls-to-Action implemented in Limber are an effective lever for generating qualified leads by sharing of content from your employees.

Call to Action social selling

The different types of Call-to-Action

Effective Call-to-Actions are visible and motivating calls to action.

Depending on their purpose, there are several types. They can be used to generate contacts (leads), submit forms, nurture leads or to be shared on social networks. These CTAs can be :

  • Newsletter subscription form.
  • Share buttons for social networks.
  • Links to your company pages on social networks.
  • Contact form.

While not all calls to action lead to a purchase, they should all be aimed at generating engagement on websites and social networks with your company, offer or service.

Limber Call-to-Action

What is a Call-to-Action Limber?

Limber CTAs (Call-to-Action) allow social network users and brands to insert personal messages, bounce-back content and lead generation forms into their content shares.

They become a real advantage in your content marketing strategy.

When your goal is to measure the ROI of your content production, the CTA becomes a powerful tool to quantify the number of leads generated from sharing.

Thanks to Call-to-Action, each post on the various social networks becomes an opportunity to make contact. The statistical tools then allow us to take note of the following elements:

  • Number of views and shares of the content.
  • How many leads were generated by this CTA,
  • from which content?
  • via which social network?
  • and shared by which employee?
Limber lead generation form

Benefits for Limber users

Limber users can insert CTAs to enrich their audience’s experience by:

  • Adding value to content related to the theme of the shared content.
  • Adding personal opinions and views.
  • Inviting them to subscribe or identify themselves in order to take part in an event (e.g. webinar) or access high value-added content (e.g. white paper).

3 examples of Call-to-Action to insert into your strategy! 🚀

A link to another content

Redirect your audience to other content such as one of your company’s blog posts or a white paper you have created.

CTA content link

The invitation to follow your Twitter account

Suggest to the user to follow you on Twitter if they have not yet subscribed to your account, so that they do not miss any of your news.

CTA Twitter

The contact form

Invite the user to give you their information by filling in a contact or registration form.

The compatibility of Limber CTA forms with several marketing automation software (Hubspot forms, Marketo, Mautic, Aweber…) is a real asset! Coupled, they allow you to collect data from prospects.

It is also possible to retrieve the data collected via your Limber contact form directly from your existing marketing automation tool. In this way, the databases remain centralized and make a lead scoring and nurturing strategy possible.

CTA form

Make social networks the real allies of your business strategy!

With Sellsy we have created a white paper dedicated to Social Selling to gain new customers, retain them and make your presence on social networks profitable.
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Limber was designed to deploy your Content Marketing, Social Selling and Employee Advocacy strategies with ease. The platform allows you to centralise content and share it on various channels such as newsletter, blog and social networks.

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