Call To Action (CTA)

What is a Limber Call-to-Action ?

Limber Call-to-Action (CTA) allows social network users and brands to insert personal messages, bounce content and lead generation forms into their content sharing.

Benefits for Limber users

Limber users can insert CTAs to enrich their subscribers’ experience:

  • by promoting content related to the theme of shared content;
  • by adding personal opinions;
  • by inviting them to subscribe or identify themselves in order to participate in a related event or access high value-added content.

Benefits for content creators

Content creators such as media or bloggers want to increase the audience for their content; and CTA Limber can make a significant contribution.

Indeed, their use makes it possible to establish a win-win relationship between the creator and the “relay”: the latter finds more meaning and means to enhance its sharing actions and creates a logical network of links that enhance the shared content. Sharing is becoming more qualitative and numerous, increasing the audience for the original shared content and the quality of readership.

Benefits for social network subscribers

CTA enrich the experience of social network subscribers and readers by providing content and rebound actions related to the content accessed.

They have been designed to be displayed in a non-intrusive way and in compliance with good web practices so as not to restrict free navigation on the web.

Warning Notice

CTA Limber presents content and opinions that – by definition – are not bound or approved by the creator of the shared content. In case of abuse, creators have full discretion to prevent the insertion of CTA temporarily or permanently by blocking the insertion of their pages in iframes.

CTA Biography

What is CTA Biography?

CTA Biography allows you to display your personal information about the content you share on social networks via your Limber platform.

CTA Biography - Limber

This Call-to-Action will allow Internet users who clicked on your post to know who suggested this article. It will also allow them to know you better, to identify your position and your current professional situation. The social networks that you use will also be highlighted so that they can subscribe and follow your news on them.

An issue with the display of your LinkedIn account on your CTA Biography?

  • Clear the LinkedIn field on your Profile page and Save,
  • Refresh your LinkedIn Channel on your Channels page,
  • Add your LinkedIn again on your Profile page and Save.

Your information on CTA Biography

To update the information that will be displayed in the CTA Biography, go to your Profile page. You can modify a set of information including your description called “Biography” and Social Networks that will be displayed on your CTA.

For more informations : [email protected]