Strategizing your content curation

Since the surge of content marketing over the last few years, there exists large amounts of content on the web. Companies have jumped on bandwagon, generating original content to boost their visibility and attract new customers. However some do not have the capacity to churn out original content regularly, and thus content curation it a great supplement in terms of the overall content marketing strategy. In effect content curation has become a necessary element for all of those navigating the rising seas of content marketing.

83.3% of marketers curate/share content from third party sources (blogs, industry publications, news sites) with their customers/prospects.

Content curation is basically accumulating and organizing large amounts of content and presenting them in a way that makes sense. Content curation allows you to share relevant information that will be of use to your customer base and effectively expand it.

WHY is it important to share other’s content?

It shows your audience that you are engaged within the industry and aware of the topics at hand, a willingness to inform. Also displays a collaborative spirit and confidence within the industry. The objective is to maintain and boost visibility, and that is done by providing your audience with informative and motivating content. 

Here are some essentials when assembling your curated content:

  • Clearly define your subjects and information objectives.
  • Research reputable publications. Organize a large library of reliable resources, such has news publications, industry expert blogs etc. and always look for variety and credibility.
  • Devise a content style and strategy. There are a number of ways you can construct how you will share your curated content. For example:
    • Curate a weekly newsletter and send through email
    • Create a sub blog or newsfeed specifically for curated content
    • Share directly onto your social media channels

Use tools to aid your configuration and dissemination

All of these tasks can be accomplished and streamlined with the Limber application. Limber enables you to curate your content, add original content, and schedule your shares all in one place. Beyond that Limber provides you the tools to devise your own content marketing strategy to fit your needs and boost the visibility of all content.

If you assemble credible curated content and implement your sharing strategy it will undoubtedly increase brand awareness and build brand integrity.

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Alanah Campagnuolo

Interested in content marketing and the future of social media. Passionate about writing and content curation.

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