Google Chrome extension for Limber

Limber is proud to announce an exciting new feature that is now available … the Limber Chrome extension!

This feature allows you to share content with Limber directly from the page you are visiting.

  • Just download the extension available on your Limber dashboard and the (L) icon will appear in the top right corner of the browser. The Limber extension is also available at the chrome app store.
  • Whenever you want to share content on Limber just click on the icon and the platform window will appear.
  • Select your corresponding campaign, channels or scenarios, modify your shares as desired and you are ready to post content without leaving your current page!



Once done, the extension window will close after 5 seconds. All of the content shared via the extension will appear in “Added Content” category in Limber.

What is the difference between sharing via the platform and with the chrome extension?

None. It is exactly the same as if you were to share directly on the platform. You have access to all your collaborators and groups.  The Chrome extension enables you to share conveniently through Limber and makes content curation effortless. Happy Sharing!

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Alanah Campagnuolo

Interested in content marketing and the future of social media. Passionate about writing and content curation.

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