How to turn your sales team into Content Marketing Ambassadors

Content marketing has quickly become king, if not one of the most important elements in the digital marketing umbrella, especially for B2B enterprises. “76% of B2B marketers say they will produce more content in 2016.” After the content has been created, curated, you are faced with task of carrying out your marketing strategy in the most effective way possible, here in the challenge lies.

How can we further our influence? How can we do this with the resources we already have?

In the ever evolving ecosystem of ‘marketing roles’ there are more ways to broaden the content marketing approach by enlisting content ambassadors, and you need not look further than your own sales team.

So, what exactly is a content marketing ambassador?

Basically any individual with an association to the company, brand, project, that has the ability to share content. You can harness the social potential of your team members to maximize the content visibility i.e.: through their Linkedin profiles.

“66% of B2B marketers rank Linkedin as their most effective social media platform for their business.”

Content marketing ambassadors serve to amplify your content through sharing, the relay of information and connection back to the source. This allows to extend your reach and create new pathways to visibility, simply by utilizing your own team members. Often companies limit their visibility to just their corporate accounts, when the social potential of your managers, colleagues, and employees can be a remarkable resource.

Fortunately, through Limber’s collaborative features all key components on the platform are sharable, allowing your team members access to channels, campaigns, RSS content. This allows group members to easily collaborate in just two steps.

Step 1: Create a working group and invite people with Limber accounts to collaborate. +click add user. You can add as many people or groups as desired, (provided they have a subscription account.)

Step 2: Share your content, campaigns, and distribution channels with your team. This enables you to delegate the use of your social accounts to team members and conversely benefit from their use of company accounts, thus dispatching content through multiple networks.

Coordinate promotion and distribution of content between individuals (marketing manager to colleagues, brand to franchisees, a group to its subsidiaries.) Limber allows you to determine the approval settings via workflow validation. Every action is secured within the platform and no exchange of login information is needed.

Enterprise content marketers are faced with the task of balancing content governance, integration, and organizational effectiveness, all essential to successful content marketing. That delicate balance is rationalized when team onboarding occurs, when your content strategy is documented, shared, and implemented.


Everyone benefits from staying in the loop!

Limber’s interface streamlines this process, providing options to customize and manage your inbound marketing. At the same time why not capitalize on the collaborative approach, and use your team members as content ambassadors. An added advantage to the connectivity of Limber!

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Alanah Campagnuolo

Interested in content marketing and the future of social media. Passionate about writing and content curation.

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