How to measure content marketing ROI

There is a difference of opinion when it comes to how we measure the ROI of content marketing. Some believe that it is an increase in organic traffic, others believe that it is a combination of factors such as engagement, lead generation, and inbound links. I think we can all agree that the value of content marketing is real and can yield significant and continuous returns. Investing in content marketing can actually give you more future ROI than other forms of marketing. With that said more and more businesses are shying away from ‘traditional’ marketing and investing in other avenues that fit the current and ever evolving landscape. 

“77% of marketers will increase content production in the next 12 months”

Content marketing has become a big buzz, leading people to jump into it without a plan. Do not make the mistake of generating content for content sake. To avoid this, devise a content marketing strategy before you begin to create.

You want to be sure to develop a sufficient amount of content before measuring. If we look at content marketing in terms of the usual metrics it can be a bit ambiguous, and some are having difficulty analyzing. Instead most are finding it useful to measure through performance indicators such as these:

  • Lead generation and quality
  • SEO traffic
  • Link building
  • Social engagement

It is also very important to look at social engagement from all angles. Amount of commenting and customer conversation, shares, and cross channel interaction. These types of activities are significant in trying to measure your content marketing success. The more your customers are engaging increases visibility and the likelihood of brand loyalty. 

On the executive side, you will want to be interested in the bottom line figures in terms of cost effectiveness. For example:

  • How many impressions is your content generating versus the impressions produced by a paid boost
  • Leads created through content versus paying for leads

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone (1)

Be aware that creating original content requires resources, but with every white paper, blog, infographic, and video created, the ROI can be incredible and enduring. Check out this article here to learn more specifically how you can measure ROI in google analytics. 

In addition you can supplement your original content by curating content. This allows you to remain visible to your audience without breaking the bank. All of this is possible through the Limber platform. You are able to import your created content, curate your newsfeed, then diffuse your selections across multiple channels. Limber provides you the tools to organize and collaborate with your team to extend your reach. 

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