Automated Sharing

Automate the sharing of content from certified sources.

Automated Sharing

Recurring Automated Sharing

Automatically share all the content from your chosen sources on a recurring basis. Identified as high value-added content, you share them with some of your employees or your entire company.

Set up as many automated shares as you wish and activate or deactivate them as you wish. Boost the visibility of certain content and keywords during events, for example, and disable these rules once the event has passed.

Custom-Made Configuration

Define the content you want to share by selecting keywords to include or exclude from your curation on certain channels. Choose the channel(s) on which you want to share this content, add a Call-to-Action and link it to a campaign.

Always keep an eye on the content you share with automated sharing rules by choosing manual validation. Also, decide who should validate its content within your teams to speed up the process of curation and monitoring of content.

Automated Sharing

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