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How to ensure that your employees remain both informed and engaged in the deployment of your Employee Advocacy programme?

The smartphone, an effective communication tool

We are not teaching you anything: the smartphone is an integral part of the daily life of the world’s population.

More and more of you use your mobile phone every day to connect to the internet, whether for personal or professional reasons.

In the professional context, whether it is a simple internal communication or an ambassador programme, “mobile” communication is now a priority for every employee.

Limber mobile app

Take advantage of Employee Advocacy on mobile

With the help of a mobile version, you can more easily involve all your employees in the Employee Advocacy process, wherever they are.

Your employees can easily share your organisation’s successes, the latest industry news and other content that will help them position themselves as experts in their field. They will become the best representatives of your brand.

Deploying an Employee Advocacy programme requires careful preparation, appropriate communication and a logical multi-stage process. Discover the 5 key steps to a successful project in our free white paper.

Limber app (iOS & Android)

Since it is not always possible to have your computer with you, there is a Limber mobile application, available on iOS and Android, allowing you to access your platform wherever you are.

Manage, moderate and schedule your content sharing

Perform 90% of the actions you can do on your computer via the mobile application:

Limber mobile app
Limber mobile application available on iOS & Android

Get notified in real time

The application does not need to be open for messages to be transmitted. A mobile push notification is sent to the user’s phone so that they can be alerted in real time to new content on their wall and/or a suggested share.

This way, employees can react at any time, even when on the move!

Suggest content from your phone

Thanks to the Limber mobile application, suggest content on a content wall in 2 clicks by choosing the Limber application from the list displayed via the native “share” function on your phone.

Suggest a content
Suggest content from the Limber mobile application

Your publication calendar in your pocket

Simply view your publication calendar with the “timeline” view that shows you your next and last shares in chronological order with the possibility of rescheduling or cancelling some publications that no longer suit you.

👉 Discover the 3 best practices to maximize the performance of your Employee Advocacy program in this article.

Limber was designed to deploy your Content Marketing, Social Selling and Employee Advocacy strategies with ease. The platform allows you to centralise content and share it on various channels such as newsletter, blog and social networks.

Ready to get started?

Limber supports you in your Content Marketing, Social Selling and Employee Advocacy projects.

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