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What is Limber

Limber is a cloud-based Content Marketing Automation platform, created for marketers. Limber helps to centralize disseminated content, structure and automate distribution, while measuring the effectiveness using unified statistics. It converts the audience into sales-ready leads.

Limber streamlines collaboration between the marketing and communication teams. It reduces manual actions and multiplies content exposure by implementing semantics and automated distribution through social networks.

Limber helps you to prove the effectiveness of your actions. Everything is in one place and organized according to your goals.

What is a Channel

A channel is a connection to an external system such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a mailing list, a website or a blog.

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What is a Campaign

In a content marketing strategy, the campaign is a key item. It is characterized by objectives, targets, keywords, and a start and end date. Campaigns can be hierarchically organized like a parent-child relationship. This allows for structured and segmented campaigns within specific sub-campaigns to be carried out over time, with corresponding keywords and targets.

Example: A “Ford” campaign could include “Mustang”, “Focus” and “Ranger” sub-campaigns.

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What is a Tag

Your tags are your favorite themes, those you follow and those you talk about. Therefore, tags allow you to structure all of your content and promotional campaigns on your different distribution (outgoing) channels.

What is Content

Content is the valuable, relevant and consistent element that will allow you to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience. Content is a generic concept which is defined by a title, keywords, message or description. It can also be the text in HTML, a link or an attachment. Content can be linked to one or more campaigns.

Content may also  be a white paper, an eBook in PDF, or a video hosted on YouTube and linked by a blog article. The HTML text could be a summary of the document.

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What is a Share

A share is the automated and smart content distribution. It is based on the implementation of a rules engine, capable of taking into account multiple parameters to distribute content to the chosen target.

When the user selects a channel, Limber automatically suggests a layout adapted to the constraints of the channel, based on the semantic analysis of HTML and / or markers affixed by the author.

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What is a Call-to-Action

Limber Call-to-Action (CTA) allows social network users and brands to insert personal messages, bounce content and lead generation forms into their content sharing.

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About you profile

You can find every informations about you, your licence, your platform and the informations that will be displayed about you on it. Theses informations could be used for the Email Signature or the Call-to-Action Biography.

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